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Jon Styslinger, AltecThe Utility Expo 2021 took place Sept. 28-30 at the Kentucky Exposition Center, where attendees were afforded the uniquely valuable opportunity to see, touch and learn about the latest tools and cutting-edge technology impacting their jobs. The next Utility Expo takes place Sept. 26-28, 2023.

As this year's show continues to draw near, we recently caught up with Jon Styslinger, president of Utility Expo exhibitor Altec, to discuss what he’s most looking forward to at this year’s event.

The Utility Expo: Over the course of a year or more, our ability to connect as an industry was dramatically reduced. What have you taken away from that experience?

Styslinger: If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s this: The utility industry never shuts down, and it’s comprised of essential workers. And whatever other challenges the industry faces – fires, hurricanes, freezing temperatures – employees in the industry keep going to work.

At Altec, we don’t shut down either. So, when the COVID-19 pandemic emerged, we challenged ourselves to come up with new and effective ways to engage with our customers. We launched products virtually, and we worked diligently to find ways to bring value to our customers while maintaining social distancing and adhering to COVID-19 guidelines and protocols. Ultimately, we did what we had to do to connect with our customers so they could keep their fleets up and running, and we did so in an innovative and safe manner.

The Utility Expo: Now that we’ve seen things open back up, what are you looking forward to in terms of being able to participate in events and connect with your customers?

Styslinger: Exhibitions and events are a fantastic way for us at Altec to show our appreciation and express our thanks to our customers who embraced being essential workers and continued to do their jobs throughout the pandemic.

It’s really incredible what the utility industry has dealt with over the course of the last 15 months. When you consider the wildfires that ravaged the West Coast, hurricanes, freezes in the south, and even the increased prevalence of at-home work, which put tremendous pressure on telecommunications and cable television companies to increase internet speeds to meet demand, so much has happened that has challenged the industry. So, for us at Altec, in-person events provide a great opportunity to reestablish connections and relationships with customers we’ve had for years, as well as come together and say, “Wow, we’ve really been through a lot.”

Altec The Utility ExpoThe Utility Expo: Your company has had a presence at The Utility Expo in the past when the show was ICUEE. Can you share what you’re most looking forward to at the upcoming edition of the show?

Styslinger: The thing that’s unique about The Utility Expo is that it covers all of the utility industry. It’s the biggest and broadest show in our industry. And while our products are always the premier showcase of the show, what it really gives us an opportunity to do is to communicate the fact that Altec is a lot more than just our products. It’s about the services we can provide, our capabilities to manufacture and our ability to provide parts support. More than anything else, though, it’s about showcasing all we have to offer our customers to support them, not only when they buy the product initially, but throughout the product’s entire lifecycle.

The Utility Expo: Why should utility industry professionals invest their time and resources in attending this show?

Styslinger: Attendees of The Utility Expo get the chance to truly see the full range of equipment and accessories available on the market. In addition, the show serves as the perfect forum for attendees to network with other users in an environment where they can see, hear and learn about issues of importance for everyone in the industry.

About The Utility Expo

Formerly known as ICUEE, The Utility Expo is the largest event for utility professionals and construction contractors seeking comprehensive insights into the latest industry technologies, innovations and trends. The biennial trade show, known for equipment test drives and interactive product demonstrations, takes place in Louisville, Kentucky. For more information, visit

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